Idina Menzel old to young

old to young

1.Explain how you used the transform tool to change at least one selection/layer?

i didn’t use the transform tool because i used the photo as the background.
2.Explain how you used the dodge, burn, healing brush, variations, liquify, warp or the eraser tool to enhance the actors or models?

i used the healing brush tool to remove the wrinkles that are next to her eyes.
3.Did you work independently, or ask the teacher or fellow student for help?

i worked independently.
4.What were the requirements for assignment?

We had to choose someone who was old and we had to use Photoshop to edit the wrinkles out.
5.What did you learn about how magazines use Photoshop?

I learned that magazines use photoshop to make the photos look more professional.
6.What selection tool did you use and how did you use it?

i used the Healing Brush tool to remove the wrinkles and the dark spots under her eyes.
7.Do you agree with how the publishing industry uses Photoshop?

i agree.
8.How were you successful or unsuccessful in executing this project?

i was successful because it was easy to remove the wrinkles and dark spots under her eyes.